10 Things to know about visiting Bermuda

Warwick Bay Beach Bermuda

It’s pink sand beaches, delicious seafood, and clear blue water is known worldwide, but there’s more to Bermuda than just that. Below is a list of 10 things you might not know about this dreamy destination. Read more about this paradise and get inspiration for your trip to Bermuda!

1. The locals are beyond friendly!

Don’t be afraid to ask for directions or to say hello. Most locals will greet you as you pass in the street, so be friendly and enjoy the warmth you’ll feel from the people who call this island home.

2. Your pictures will be colorful!

Hamilton, Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda

From the turquoise blue waters, pink sandy beaches, and vibrantly painted downtown, Bermuda is nothing short of colorful from beginning to end. Soak up every moment of color and don’t be surprised if you find yourself more cheerful at the end of each day.

3. You can’t rent cars in Bermuda

Residents of Bermuda may rent cars, however, tourists are not allowed. The vast amount of narrow and winding roads can attest to why this is. When first arriving in Bermuda your transportation options are a bit limited. While I’m usually a super big fan of using public transportation, the buses in Bermuda do not allow luggage on board. In order to get from the airport to your hotel, you’ll need to hire a taxi or minivan. Many hotels will offer to arrange transportation for you, though note it can be 30-40% more expensive than hiring someone yourself.

4. Don’t drink the tap water

They do not use filtered tap water and the results from drinking it are not pretty. Use bottled water the entire time you’re in Bermuda. This simple mistake may seem little but it could cost you a day or two of vacation on the toilet.

5. Use the bus system to get around

Taxis are very expensive in Bermuda. The public bus system was clean, easy to use, and super affordable. An all zone pass costs about $5. The routes are clearly marked and the drivers are super helpful with tourists.

6. Bermuda is not where you think

If you guessed the Caribbean then unfortunately you’re a little off. While the island is classified as being in the Caribbean, the location itself is actually farther north than you might think. Jetting out east of the North Carolina shore, Bermuda sits about 600 miles away from the United States. This proximity to the U.S. makes visiting it super easy, with direct flights out of Boston, New York & more!

7. Try the Rum Swizzle

As “Bermuda’s National Drink” you’re bound to try it at least one time on your trip there. Two types of rum, orange and pineapple juice with cherry and bitters within. Shaken vigorously over ice, this drink is garnished with cherries on top and a slice of orange. This drink is delicious on a hot day in Bermuda!

8. Explore the whole island

Bermuda Beach
Bermuda Beach

Don’t get hung up on just one beach! The beauty of Bermuda is the relatively small size of the island and the ease of its transportation system. Using the bus system you can get from one side of the island to the other in about 75 minutes. Explore the beaches allover the island and find which one is best!

9. Bermuda Day

Bermuda Seal of Arms
Bermuda Royal Navy

Bermuda Day is one of the most important days on the island to the local Bermudians. This marks the first day the locals will go back into the ocean for that year. They spend the day celebrating with dancing in the streets, boat races, and lots of swimming. Usually falling in late May, Bermuda Day fell on May 29th this year.

10. It’s more than just one island

When you hear “Bermuda” you probably think of just one island, however, Bermuda is actually made up of over 150 islands. Make sure to check out St. David’s Island, St. George Island, and Nosuch Island for some truly beautiful locations.

Yachts in Bermuda
Bermuda Yacht Marina

Currently in the planning process of booking a return trip to the island!