7 Reasons to visit Iceland

7 Reasons to visit Iceland

Abundant with natural beauty, Iceland has something for every nature lover!

1. Volcanos

How cool is it to say you’ve been somewhere that has active volcanoes? It might not be impressive to some, but being from Florida where the landscape is all flat, that’s so cool!!

Currently, the island has at least 30 active volcanoes. Iceland even broke the sky on March 20th, 2010 when Eyjafjallajökull erupted and halted air traffic worldwide! Another large volcano in the south, named Hekla, is predicted to be the next one to erupt one day, though scientists have no estimate on when.

All that being said, plan to visit the Kerið crater. This volcanic crater is over 3,000 years old and is located in Iceland’s Western Volcanic Zone.

2. Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights)

No explanation really needed for this once. If you’ve never seen the Northern Lights in person then it should be your first reason to visit Iceland. The minimal lights outside Reykjavik provide the perfect opportunity to see this natural phenomenon like never before. Pictures and videos just don’t do it justice, go find out for yourself!

3. Geothermal Hot Springs

Natural geothermal hot springs are located throughout Iceland. Try and fit in a visit to one if possible, as there’s nothing cooler than nature’s free hot tub!

Clearly not one we sat in, it’s over 212ºF

4. Black Sand Beach

This awesome beach not only features entirely black sand, but it also has features basalt columns and cliffs that are awe-inspiring in person. Skip bringing your bathing suit though, as this beach has wicked undertow and sadly claims several lives of tourists every year.

For more information on visiting Vik’s Black Sand Beach check out my full article here!

5. Glaciers

Did you know that over 10% of Iceland is covered in glaciers? Guided hikes and climbs are available year-round and it’s one of the top activities to do when visiting Iceland. Most glaciers are located in the southern region of the island and are typically all day.

6. Waterfalls

Skógafoss Waterfall

Iceland is filled with waterfalls and I loved visiting every one! Each unique in nature, my favourites were Skógafoss featured above and Goðafoss is shown below. Renting a car and driving through the country is the best way to get to them!

7. Peaceful Surroundings

Iceland has one of the most natural landscape still around. Tourism is booming, but it’s never overrun as it can be in Italy or Germany. We spent an entire week there and really we’re never around other people except for mealtimes. Get ready to unplug and enjoy nature at it’s finest!

If you’re a nature lover then Iceland is definitely for you. Consider spending a week there and I guarantee you’ll come back changed.

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