7 Reasons to Visit Innsbruck

downtown innsbruck
Innsbruck, Austria

Tucked between the Alps, Innsbruck has a little something for everyone. While this iconic mountain town in Austria speaks for itself, check out my top 7 reasons why you should visit here.

1. The Alps

I couldn’t think of a better initial reason to visit Innsbruck than their mountains! Nicknamed the “Capital of the Alps”, you will not be disappointed with the view! The summers are lush green, the leaves are multi-coloured in the fall and winter blankets the mountains fully in white snow. Grab a lift up one of the mountains and really experience the Austrian Alps from above!

2. Old Town

Plan to take a stroll through the downtown portion of Old Town when you visit. Walkable by foot, there is an abundance of stores and restaurants around to stop in and see. In the wintertime, a Christmas market is even set up and people come from all over to see it.

3. Golden Roof

The Golden Roof is Innsbruck’s most famous sight. Completed in 1500A.D., the roof is made of up 2,600+ copper tiles and was created for Emperor Maximilian, who is said to have watched the city bustling below. Honestly, it’s really hard to capture how pretty it is when it reflects in the sunlight, so make sure to see in person while strolling through Old Town.

Golden Roof featured in the top right of the photo

4. Helbling House

Helbling House, Innsbruck

Originally built in the 15th century, the Helbling House is simply immaculate in person. The building is decorated with Acanthus leaves, fruit garlands, shells, masks and more. Bay windows make up almost every last window on the building and Baroque gable (Dutch Roof) is featured all the way up to the fourth floor. The location is conveniently across from the Golden Roof, so you can’t miss it when visiting.

Close-up view of the Helbling House

5. Inn River

Inn River in Innsbruck, Austria

It may seem like an odd reason, but the Inn river runs along Innsbruck and is certainly an iconic view for the region. While you see it here through Innsbruck, the river actually runs through Switzerland, Germany and continues on further through Austria. Plan to grab lunch or a drink down by the river for a wonderful way to relax and take in the great views!

6. Hofburg

Hofburg, Innsbruck

Formally a Habsburg Palace, the Hofburg is considered one of the most culturally significant buildings in the country. Now, the palace is used as a museum where you can see how lavishly an Empress really lived. Ticket lines can be lengthy during peak times, so consider purchasing them online ahead of time.

7. Swarovski Crystal World

Swarovski Crystal World

Located slightly beyond the city of Innsbruck is this amazing Swarovski art exhibit. The exhibits changed throughout the year and really feature some cool art pieces. For a full write up on visiting here check out my article!

Swarovski Crystal Christmas Tree

For a nature lover like myself, Innsbruck was an easy pick. I’ve visited in fall and winter and I can’t say enough good things about visiting here. If you’re a winter sports person then this is definitely where you need to go. Innsbruck has hosted the Olympics several times and even features the Bergisel Ski Jump, the stadium itself seating over 26,000 people!

Have you visited Innsbruck before? Did I miss any cool places? Comment below!


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