8 Reasons to ride the Gelmerbahn Funicular

8 Reasons to ride the Gelmerbahn Funicular
Canton of Bern, Switzerland

Initially seeing this coaster ride on Instagram, I headed to Switzerland to ride it for myself. Here are my top 8 reasons why you have to ride this at least once in your life!

Quick background: The Gelmberbahn Funicular is a cable-car ride that transports up to 24 people up & down the side of a mountain, with nothing but a lap bar to hold you in and a single thick cable that raises and lowers the coaster along the track. Finding fame on Instagram, the videos you’ll mainly see will show the ride going fast, but in reality, it moves at a really slow pace, allowing you to really take in the views along the way.

1. Views of the Swiss Alps

The views from the top are hands down what makes this ride so special. There are relatively few people who are up there, so you’ll get to see the Alps completely unobstructed and you won’t have to fight the crowds either!

2. The Adrenaline Rush

No explanation really needed. If you want the best view of the Swiss Alps while doing something that most will never do, then you chose the right adventure! The ride iteself is about 8 minutes long and has a gradient of 106%!!!!

3. Gelmersee Lake

Gelmersee Lake, Switzerland

Located at the top of the mountain, this lake is actually a reservoir that was built in 1932. It keeps this beautiful aqua blue coloring which is stunning in person.

4. Hiking Trails

There are several hiking trails once you’re at the top of the mountain, you can even hike all the way to the top instead of taking the coaster up! It takes about 2 hours to hike the whole lake and that trail is a really popular one among visitors.

5. Handeck Bridge

This suspension bridge hangs 70 meters over Handeck Gorge. While this isn’t directly involved with the ride, as it connects from Hotel Handeck to the bottom of the station, it does have great views of Handeck Waterfall!

6. Best Place for a Picnic!

Make sure to pack a lunch and some drinks for your own picnic at the top. Peaceful and beautiful, this spot really has everything for the most stunning picnic.

7. The Ride Up!

For most, this may come as a surprise, it surely was for me! Up until I reached the ride in-person I had only seen how the coaster comes down online, but I didn’t even think about how to get to the top. In order to ride the coaster on the way down, you either hike up or ride the coaster to the top as it’s pulled backwards up the mountain. It doesn’t seem like a big deal, but try being held by a lap bar as you dangle off the side of the Swiss Alps!

8. Totally Unique Experience

This ride is seriously a once in a lifetime experience. From how you get to the top, to exploring the lakes & hiking trails and then finally taking the coaster back down, you will have the best view of the alps in a totally unreal ride you’ll remember for always!

For more information on the Gelmerbahn Funicular, check out their website here.

Would you give this cable car ride a try? Leave your comments below!


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