Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan – Thailand Temple

Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan – Thailand Temple

Chiang Rai is a city located in Northern Thailand. Bordered by Laos and Myanmar this city is home to some absolutely stunning temples. One Temple we had the chance to see was Wat Saeng Kaeo Phothiyan.

Located about an hour outside of Chiang Mai airport, this temple is easiest reached by private car rental. Scooters are also available for rent, but with our backpacks, we just wanted comfort and safety. Private car rental for the day was $120 USD and worth every penny!

Absolutely free to visit, I can’t imagine a reason to not add this to your travel itinerary.

Peaceful and almost completely tourist-free, we had almost exclusive access of the temple grounds to visit and shoot photos.

Typical temple rules apply when visiting here. Those include:

  • Always remove your shoes and leave them outside the temple
  • No short pants, sleeveless tops or bare shoulders
  • The soles of your feet should never face the buddha
  • Be quiet while inside and silence your cell phones
  • Do show respect to any monks worshipping

Surreal in person, this temple is one I’ll never forget. The amount of time and the pristine condition they keep it in truly shows their dedication and faith.


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