Finnish Day Trip – Parpalandia

Finnish Day Trip – Parpalandia

This was such a special day that I’ll never forget, though we just happened to stumble into it.

Parpalandia Cottage in Rovaniemi, Finaldn

At the time we were in Rovaniemi, Finland and we were on a husky sledding trek. Now, the owners of the dogs have an agreement with the owner of the land that they can use his land to do the treks on and he gets a portion of the money.

We had about 8 people in our group, so 4 would go out with the dogs for about 30 minutes and the others would hangout back by the owner’s lodge.

After we finished our ride we came back to a warm fire and had hot juice and fish. We were talking with the owner and he told us that this was actually a fishing cottage he had built and he runs it like an Air B n’ B for fishing enthusiasts. After more smoked fish and a few beers, we decided to book a day trip at the cottage for the very next day!

Ice Fishing

Fresh Smoked Fish!

Husky Sledding & Snow Fun!

Not Pictured?

Parpalandia was such a fun cottage to visit! What I didn’t get a picture of what the two hot tubs outside and the traditional Finnish sauna inside! The owner had it all and made us feel completely comfortable during our time there. Definitely would recommend it to those visiting Rovaniemi!


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