Jones Family Farm

Jones Family Farm

Be good to the land and the land will be good to you. – Philip James Jones

Jones Family Farm is a charming family-owned farm that’s nestled in the heart of Shelton, Connecticut. Today the farm features a full winery, fields of pick it yourself fruits and a full Christmas Tree farm. Run by the 6th & 7th generations, this rustic farm is a great getaway any time of the year!

Jones Winery

The first and foremost reason we always visit the farm is definitely the winery! Grown, produced and bottled all directly on-site, Jones Winery features some of the best wine around and they are continuously adding more.

The winery is free to visit, though ID is required to drink. Outside food is not permitted, though the farm’s Harvest Kitchen does offer some cheese & crackers to purchase in addition.

Start with a Wine Tasting!

When you arrive at the winery the host will explain the different options to drink. They have a strict 2 drink policy, so they usually recommend starting off with a wine tasting, as you’ll basically get a 3rd drink doing that.

The tastings are done right inside their main shop and usually take about 20 minutes, depending on how many are in the group. The tasting costs $12 and you’ll get a Jones Family Farm wine glass to keep at the end.

Sip, View & Relax

There are so many cute places outside to sit, drink your wine and relax. Weather permitting, you’re able to walk through the vineyards and lookout over the rolling hills of Connecticut. Grab your glass and find the spot that overlooks the whole area!

Pick your own Harvest!

Depending on the time of year, Jones Family Farm features apples, strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins and more that you can pick yourself!

We chose to do apple picking one fall and just paid by the bag full for them.

There were several types to choose from and it was so much fun getting to do it ourselves!

Granny Smith are my favorite!!

Cut your own Christmas Tree!

Me pretending to help

If you decide you want to choose and cut-down your own Christmas Tree, then look no further.

Upon arriving for this you’ll be given a saw and directions for the different tree types they have available.

Don’t be fooled by the picture on the right, sawing was really hard and exhausting! I posed for the picture and then got out of the way so my boyfriend could do the hard work.

Once you find the desired tree you’ll simply saw it down and bring it over to wrapping station. From there it can be paid for and loaded onto your car.
The cost to cut your own tree was $72 in 2018 and the pre-cut trees ranged in pricing from $25-$200, depending on size and type.
If you’ve never cut your own tree then I highly recommend trying it one year, as it’s certainly an experience all it’s own.

Have you tried their wine? They have my favorite white wine ever! Leave your comments below!


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