Tips for Long-Haul Flights

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Are you taking a long flight for your next trip?

Check out my tips to help with getting through your next long-haul flight! 👇👇👇

1. Wear your most comfortable clothes!

For me, this is a long sleeve soft shirt, jogger leggings and sneakers. Even if the weather outside is warm, the flights and airports still tend to be cold! In order to help with sleeping on the plane, make sure to dress in a way that will keep you comfortable for the extended time on the plane. Remember to dress in layers!

2. Bring noise-cancelling headphones 🎧

If your a light sleeper or you just don’t want to hear your neighbors, then these are a must! There’s a variety out there, but an investment that you’ll be happy you made on your next flight.

3. Make sure to choose the window seat!

International flights often feature a sunrise, sunset or even both on the longer flights. Make sure to grab a window seat in order to capture the best photos throughout the flight and have the first views of the country your landing in.

4. Keep a small toiletry bag handy

If you’re used to shorter domestic flights then this is something you never really need to worry about but on those longer flights, it’s what can really make a difference. Here are a few of the essentials I keep handy:

  • Toothbrush & Toothpaste – if you’re flying for even a couple hours your breathe can sour, so definitely after long flights where there are multiple meals and sleeping, you’ll be so refreshed when you land.
  • Face & Hand Lotion – Planes circulate dry air, so in order to help combat this dryness make sure to moisturize at the beginning and towards the end of the flight in order to keep your skin fresh.
  • Makeup Wipes – This seems trivial but you’d be grossed out by how much you touch in an airport and how often you may be touching your face. I always try and clean my face prior to sleeping and sometimes when I wake up on these flights. There’s nothing worse than arriving at your destination and having breakouts on your face!
  • Chapstick – Dry air is your skin & lips worst enemy, keep your chapstick handy!
  • Eyemask – I’m one that cannot sleep there is any light, so an eye mask is crucial. Find a cozy one and pop it on with your noise-cancelling headphones and you’ll be drifting off to sleep before you know it!

5. Bring your own power banks

Most international flights now have charging stations at each seat, but doesn’t mean they’ll always work. Keep stress free with your own portable charger for all your devices.

6. Bring a neck pillow!

Most airlines will provide you with a small pillow and blanket for those longer flights, but having your own comes in handy more often than not. I typically use their pillow for back or butt support and my own for my head. Make sure to get one that straps to your bag for ease of travelling!

7. Remember to move around

Those long flights are terrible for our lumbar support and circulation. Simply walking up and down the plane or stretching in the back can help your body refreshed when landing.

8. Stay Hydrated

Long flights with continuously circulating recycled air, salty airline meals and free alcohol will all leave you super dehydrated. Try to drink water throughout the flight and skip the coffee until your off the plane. Drinking decaffeinated green tea is said to help fight off that jet lag feeling without dehydrating as bad as the rest.

Long flights don’t have to be to something to fear anymore! Try these tips on your next long flight and let me know if it helped. ❤️


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