My 7 best photos from Elephant Nature Park

My 7 best photos from Elephant Nature Park
Chiang Mai, Thailand

This enormous elephant sanctuary and rescue center in Northern Thailand was awe-inspiring and eye-opening.

Their primary mission is to rescue elephants from the abuse of circuses, forest logging and riding, amongst other things. The sanctuary not only looks after these beautiful animals, but also rescues cats, dogs, water buffalo and more!

Check out my 7 favorite photos below from that day!

The park built this awesome new catwalk that’s angled straight over some of the walking paths for the elephants. From up here, you could see elephants throughout the park roaming, resting & bathing. We got to spend about an hour up here after lunch and I loved every minute of it!

This picture turned out amazing and the best part is that it was all natural! What I mean by this is simply that no one asked or coached the elephant to put his trunk up for the picture. Our group was walking through and I was able to capture him doing this naturally.

Our guide is actually the one in the yellow and white plaid behind the elephant.

The irony in this photo is that we had just watched this elephant bathe in the river with his family then immediately walk out and cover himself in the mud.

Silly to us, but the mud actually helps keep the elephant’s skin cool and acts like a natural sunscreen.

This is one of the best shots of Eugene and I together with the elephants. Look how long the trunk is on this one!

I love this photo for several reasons. The lighting in this photo turned out good and the clarity really shows the details on the elephant’s skin.

Mostly I love the fact that it looks like the elephant on the left is telling a joke to the one on the right!

This picture I fell in love with because of how happy the elephant looked.

Going through the sanctuary there were so many that we’re unfortunately too damaged mentally and physically to really ever recover, but when you saw those that had recovered or were still working on it and to see them just be free, was heart-touching.

My favorite photo from Elephant Nature Park

Not hard to see why this one takes my favorite. ❤️This adorable elephant looks like it decided to cheese with us right as the picture was taken.

The truth, we caught this picture seconds before she stuffed her mouth with more food! Sometimes the difference between a good picture and a great one is a matter of seconds.

Hope you enjoyed some of my favorite photos from that day. If you have any questions about visiting here or my experience at the park, comment below!


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