Snowmobiling in the Arctic

Snowmobiling in the Arctic
Rovaniemi, Finland

Bundled in heavy gear with absolutely no experience riding, we set off on an 8-hour snowmobile tour which ended up being one of our favorite activities we did in Finland.

Taking a tour directly out of Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi, Finland, our guided tour took us through frozen lakes and forests and even included a hot lunch by the river and ice fishing. The tour company provided us with all the heavy gear and our snowmobiles, which even had heated hand warmers!

**Now to preface this experience, neither I nor my boyfriend had been snowmobiling before, yet it’s always been something we’ve wanted to do.** I was personally really nervous to ride alone, but after a few minutes of riding those feelings went away. As I was riding with a group of 7 guys, speed was definitely priority. Heading up the rear of the train, there were several times I was intimidated by the lack of seatbelts and the speed we were going. Top speed we were going about 65-70 mph with nothing to hold us in place by the snowmobile handles.

Below is a quick video I shot when we first started the tour, though I certainly don’t recommend recording while driving. As you’ll notice the footage is really choppy, as it was extremely hard to steer and shoot.


When it was time to break for lunch our guide took us to this little outpost located next to a river. Warm reindeer soup and fresh coffee definitely hit the spot as we relaxed around the fire and took in the views.

Below are a couple of quick videos of the river nearby and the outpost.

Ice Fishing

Our tour not only included the 8 hour ride and lunch, but also ice-fishing in a frozen lake as well. The snow was so fresh and deep when we stopped to fish that it was over my waist and made walking around really difficult. As you can see in the video below, I wasn’t making it anywhere fast at this point.

In order to break the ice to fish, our guide brought this really long hand crank to drill through the ice. Using this drill was rather easy in beginning, though became more difficult in the end.

Below here is a video that’s been sped up that shows Eugene drilling into the lake to make a hole to fish.

Ice fishing is actually done either with lines set with traps or with almost kid-size poles. The sight looked hilarious, but with the lake being on the shallower side, a normal size pole would be useless.

Once the weighted line is in the icy water you simply bob the pole up and down until you feel a bite. While this all looked rather easy getting the fish to come over and bite was harder than expected. In order to help attract more fish to your hole you really want to try and clear as much snow as possible, so more sunlight can shine through the ice and attract the fish.

Though we were out on a frozen lake with not much to protect from the impending wind and cold, our guide did make us a fire to huddle around and heated up blueberry juice to help keep warm. After about 45 minutes of doing this though, I was happy to get back on our snowmobiles.

Overall this adventure was awesome! We saw so much nature, warmed up with reindeer soup next to the river, ice fished on a lake and rode for at least 6 hours long. The only thing I want to mention about this trip though is that if you’re not used to riding for that long, then prepare to be sore. The next two days after this excursion I was so incredibly sore from riding that I had trouble even lifting my arms over my head.

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