Travel Guide: A Day in Sorrento

Travel Guide: A Day in Sorrento
Sorrento, Italy

Nestled on the southwestern coast of Italy, Sorrento is a picturesque town full of ocean-side views, rich culture, and lots of good food!

On average I would recommend spending about 1-2 days in Sorrento when visiting. If you only have a day as I did then see below some recommendations I have!

Start with Coffee!

Starting with coffee is a must! There are several bakeries and ristorantes’ around that have incredible pastries and sandwiches, along with all your traditional Italian coffee favorites.

Things to Do:

Once you finished your coffee you check out some of these recommendations I’ve listed below, great for any one-day trip while in Sorrento.

Stroll through Piazza Tasso – best known as the heart of the town, Piazza Tasso has shopping and dining for everyone. We stopped in for shopping and lunch and the plaza was bustling with activity.

Visit Marina Grande or Marina Piccola – These harbours offer beautiful views of the coast and the nearby islands. Take a stroll down the boardwalk or jump on a boat tour to Capri (20 minutes), Naples (30 minutes) or over to the Amalfi Coast.

Visit some ruins – Dating back to the first century B.C. the Villa Pollio Felica ruins are a unique sight to see when in the area. Accessible by boat or walking, plan to spend some time visiting these ruins though make sure to save some time for swimming! There are several beaches nearby, but swimming in this area has really good reviews. This is something I wish we had known when we went!

Visit Cathedral of San Filippo & San Giacomo – this beautiful cathedral has been maintained since the 14th century and even has the original 1474 Renaissance side door!

Visit a Beach – There are two dozen beaches located nearby Marina Grande. About a 20-minute walk from Piazza Tasso, if the weather is nice then plan to take a stroll down to the beach!


While breakfast and lunch are hard to remember at this point, my dinner in Sorrento is not. Deciding where to eat can be difficult with so many good options around, but I personally recommend Ristorante Museo Caruso. Dedicated in memory to Enrico Caruso, a famous Italian operatic tenor in the early 19th century, this cosy restaurant provides excellent service, live table-side music and a rich Italian atmosphere. Expect to spend around 45 euros/person for dinner and a bottle of wine to split.

Check out some of my pictures while visiting below:

Hopefully, when you visit Sorrento you can check out some of those recommendations above! Our day was super relaxed and we really spent it sight-seeing around town and dining by the water. One of the best things about Sorrento is the laid-back atmosphere. You can spend the whole day seeing the sights or lounging around the many ristorantes in Piazza Tasso!


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