Warwick Long Bay Beach

Warwick Long Bay Beach
Warwick, Bermuda

This picturesque beach is located in Bermuda along the South Shore Park. East of Horseshoe Bay Beach, Long Bay Beach stretches for miles full of pink sand. Leave behind the other beaches and head here instead!

What sets this beach apart from others is the bright teal blue waters, pink warm sand and the jagged rock formations all around. The contrasting colors are phenomenal in real life and still holds true in pictures.

Getting Here:

Getting to this beach is a breeze! The local bus system in Bermuda is super clean and relatively simple to use. Local taxis are also available, though note that they aren’t commonly used, so the pricing is astronomical when comparing. The bus far was a few dollars compared to around $100 for a one-way trip in a Taxi.

Simply head to the main bus station in downtown Hamilton and catch the #7 heading to the Dockyard (King’s Wharf). The bus ride will take about 40 minutes and the local times for the #7 route can be found here. Located within Warrick Parish, you will disembark the bus at the South Shore stop. From the stop it’s a quick couple minute walk directly to the beach.

Remember as with any beach, make sure to walk down a little bit once you get on the beach, as you’ll have way more space to yourself!

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